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Kanavu Automation is an equipment automation and industrial robotics systems integrator based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our name, Kanavu, comes from a Tamil word that means “DREAM”. Our symbolic logo is based on the Tamil letter “KA.”  Although our name is Tamil, dreams are a universal language that speak to all.


Our founder is a Tamil-American.  At an early age he was inspired by the cartoon Jetsons that depicted robotic arms that brush your teeth, robotic cleaning maids, flying vehicles, videophones, smart watches, and more.  You could only dream of these technologies at the time but 30 years later many of these are a reality.  This inspiration led to a lifelong passion for automation and robotics, and experiences with thousands of automation systems in a variety of industries and applications both domestically and globally.


As children our dreams know no bounds, but as adults we limit ourselves to our circumstances.  We help our clients dream again about industrial machines of tomorrow by delivering them today.

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