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Inspection Cell

At Kanavu Automation, we specialize in providing businesses with machine vision inspection solutions to improve their manufacturing quality assurance. Our inspection cell utilizes the latest 2D/3D/AI vision cameras to automate defect inspection and/or metrology checks. Inspection results and pictures are automatically logged either on-machine to CSV files, SQL database, windows folder, or FTP server, or directly to a cloud database. An optional on-machine or cloud dashboard can be used to view the data per shift, batch, or recipe. Pair this cell with our tray handler module to sort the inspected trays into reject or good trays, or pair with our assembly cell to pick out individual rejected parts from the tray and fill the gaps from known good buffer parts.

Inspection cell
Large product inspection cell

Large Product Inspection Cell

This recent large product inspection cell used pneumatic actuators to secure a large cart that is manually rolled into the machine. This large product inspection cell can incorporate either a fixed array of vision cameras or cameras on motion gantries, to ensure the highest level of accuracy and throughput while inspecting your products.

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