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Our services extend beyond the equipment layer.  We offer supervisory solutions including automation infrastructure, supervisory HMI, on-machine data solutions, or cloud data solutions.  Our team is in a unique position to help you build your dream factories with our knowledge of both the equipment and the enterprise layers and how they interact.

Automation infrastructure


One of the most underestimated aspects of a robust supervisory system is the automation infrastructure.  This includes networks, security, servers, virtualization, thin clients, mobility, or remote access.  Let us help bridge the gap between the plant floor and the enterprise.  IT and OT must work together for successful deployments.

Supervisory HMI SCADA


Supervisory HMI systems are much more complex than Machine HMI systems.  These systems often involve distributed server / client architectures,  centralized alarm servers, centralized data servers, and centralized security strategies.  They offer greater flexibility such as the ability to view and control any equipment from a central control room or mobile device.

Industrial data collection


Manufacturing data collection is often a nebulous topic because there are so many options and considerations.  Work with us on choosing a cost effective and robust methodology for your application.  On-machine data solutions include local CSV or SQL datalogging with headers customized to your liking.  Inspection images can be stored to a local windows folder.

Equipment cloud dashboard


Our cloud data solutions offering is a subscription service for cloud storage with low up front investment.  Skip traditional on-premise server costs and securely log data directly from your machine to the cloud.  We have pre-engineered reporting dashboards for our standard machines (inspection results, OEE, etc) or we can customize reports for your specific needs.

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