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Tray Loader

The Kanavu tray loader is built to meet your manufacturing needs. The pitch changing gripper ensures that custom trays are easily loaded and the SCARA robot adds precision and accuracy to your production line. With fast throughput, and optional custom trays and vibratory feeder configurations, the tray loader is the ultimate machine for any manufacturing operation looking to optimize efficiency and productivity.

Automatic tray loader machine

Pitch Changing Gripper

Kanavu Automation is known for our attention to detail and ability to create custom, high-quality machines. Our recent projects showcase our expertise in pitch changing gripper design allowing for different tray sizes. 

Inline Inspection and Reject 

Our machines are designed to provide seamless integration into existing manufacturing systems. The inline inspection and buffer fill functions allow for independent part rejects while continuing to load good parts into the tray in the same cycle.

Full Tray Loader Video

This Tray Loader is inline with the injection molding machine. It handles the automatic scrap parts on startup.  Alternatively, the machine can be configured for an offline operation with a vibratory feeder.

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