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Productivity Platforms

Kanavu Automation is a cutting-edge machine builder. Our team of specialists leverage the best productivity platform solutions possible by pairing traditional industrial automation tools with modern no-code automation, robot simulation, and cloud-based design tools. We believe by using the best tool for the job, we can optimize system functionality, project costs, and lead times to deliver exceptional solutions for our clients.

Working With Best-In-Class Suppliers


Robot Simulation

There are many ways to architect an equipment automation system.  Engineers will lead with what they know.  PLC and robot engineers will try to accomplish everything in the controller that they are trained on.  We believe ignorance is not bliss.  We have worked hard to learn both sides of the equation and have a track record of deploying hybrid solutions that leverage the best of each world to accelerate time to market.  Below are some RoboDK simulations depicting some robot to PLC communications that our team developed. Python was used to connect the PLC emulator to the RoboDK simulation.

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