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Our mission is to deliver unprecedented value and risk mitigation to our clients via a strategic focus and expertise in equipment automation and industrial robotics.  We will help our manufacturing clients build their dream custom machinery with superior performance, robust quality, and accelerated time to market.  We have domain expertise in multiple equipment segments and equipment automation technologies such as motion control, industrial robotics, and vision systems.  We offer flexible and scalable integration services including equipment automation solutions, supervisory solutions, and mechatronics training solutions.  Let us help you build your dream machines and fulfill your smart manufacturing initiatives.  The future is now.


The key to unlock the potential of smart machines is collaboration.  Too often communication gaps cause mundane results.  These gaps could be between engineering vs supply chain teams, machine user vs machine builder, IT vs OT (operational technology), or others.  The Dream Machine requires input and active collaboration from all stakeholders.  When building out machine specifications, machine users should start with simple objectives, and then collaborate internally and externally with subject-matter experts to help build out the details.  Below are some machine design specification categories that are good conversation starters.


There are many ways to architect an equipment automation system.  Engineers will lead with what they know.  PLC and robot engineers will try to accomplish everything in the controller that they are trained on.  We believe ignorance is not bliss.  We have worked hard to learn both sides of the equation and have a track record of deploying hybrid solutions that leverage the best of each world to accelerate time to market.  Below are some RoboDK simulations depicting some robot to PLC communications that our team developed.



Our featured vendors offer strong automation and robotic system platforms that enable our solutions.  We have the deepest skillsets with these platforms and we appreciate their support and recognition.



San Francisco Bay Area


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